Legal Practitioner


Dear Legal Practitioner,

Greta Goldberg (PsychelpSydney) is a Clinical & Forensic Neuropsychologist who has worked in litigation support for over 40 years and is authorised within various jurisdictions to provide comprehensive evidence-based psychological assessment, expert reports and full clinical services for individuals, couples and families. She provides assessment for litigation clients, as well as neurocognitive rehabilitation for victims and offenders, in:

• Personal and Head Injury (Motor Accident Authority, Neurocognitive Assessments, Victims, Compensation Tribunal)
• Employment and Industrial Law (Workplace Stress Vocational/Educational Assessment, Worker’s, Compensation, EAP)
• Children’s Law (CCC, FaCS, Parenting Capacity, Child Protection)
• Criminal Law (Pre-trial and Pre-sentencing Reports)
• Family Law (Family Court Assessments & Mediations)
• Professional Negligence and Misconduct (HCCC Peer Reviewer)
• Client Psychological Support (Victim and Perpetrator Mediation and Families)
• Other (Impairment and Liability Assessments, Medicare/ Work Cover Treatment Plans, Guardianship Tribunal, Juvenile Sex Offenders,
Post-trauma Assessments and Rehabilitation Plans)

Fee structure:

• Referrals that are made through jurisdictions with their own fee structure are charged at that rate, provided the client is eligible and the psychologist is
authorized within that specific jurisdiction e.g. VCT, CCC, HCCC, and Legal AID etc.
• For most  other medico-legal, insurance, and court reports, our fees are based on those recommended by The Australian Psychological Society (APS) (the
current rate is $228 per hour). However there is a sliding scale negotiable for special needs.
• For self funded clients the APS rate reduces to $185 per hour charged for clinical interview and report preparation, testing and profiling, document summary,
and report preparation.
• The number of hours varies with the type and number of tests and the client speed of response.
• Estimated report costs can be provided before proceeding to psychometric testing, once the relevant documents have been received and reviewed and
the reading time is paid for.
• Assessment referrals should be in writing by email or hard copy outlining the desired questions to be addressed, and should be accompanied by either
the clients’ or solicitors’ signed undertaking to pay the fee, prior to the release of the report unless an alternative agreement has been formalized.

In order to simplify the referral process please click on referral pad link above.

Please feel free to contact any of the practitioners on 1300 852 858.

Many thanks,
Greta Goldberg