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Dear Health Professional,

Thank you for considering the inclusion of PsychelpSydney in the Medicare and WorkCover referral databases of your practice. Since 1971 we have provided comprehensive evidence-based psychological services for individuals, couples and families. In addition we are accredited to provide your staff with workplace stress support or with psycho-education seminars about any of the listed referral topics relevant at your practice.

As a private sector Clinical, Forensic, and Neuropsychologist, I provide specialist clinical treatment in most areas as well as independent expert assessment and reports, that are accredited in most jurisdictions. I also supervise a team of newly registered psychologists who provide “No Gap Fee” Counselling, and in some cases the practice will also Bulk Bill.

PsychelpSydney aims to simplify the referral process by leaving this complimentary referral pad for your use and convenience. Upon referral, psychologists at PsychelpSydney will provide the GP with an initial assessment report. After every 6 sessions our client/ your patient will be sent back to discuss with you the confidential Progress Report, we have sent you. This report gives you current feedback and future treatment goals, which can be useful as a basis for your discussion.

I believe that PsychelpSydney’s Counselling and Assessment services, located in the eastern and western suburbs, can offer effective psychological help to your patients and your practice.

In order to simplify the referral process please click on referral pad link above.

Many thanks,
Greta Goldberg