• Registered psychologists seeking professional supervision with private practice referrals, and
  • Interns seeking voluntary work in exchange for primary supervision.
  • Peer supervision and college membership supervision is also available.

Information about grades of supervision and sliding scale of fees can be obtained by emailing
Please respond with your CV and indicate the supervision grade you require.

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Details of Grades and Fees


Sliding Scale Fee
Individual per session

Session Time
Weekly or Fortnightly

Best Practice Requirements

Peer supervision for members of APS College (or associates)
(8 people)

$30 per member per 1½ hour session

90 min groups

Formal Case Presentation

Applicants for APS College membership (Clinical or Forensic) supervision group
(2 to 4 people)

$170 for first person
$30 for each extra additional person (up to 4 people share fee)

75 min

As per requirements of College of Clinical Psychologists or College of Forensic Psychologists

Newly Registered Psychologists seeking supervised experience
(1 to 2 people)

With your own client: $170 per session
If we refer clients to you:
We pay you a contract fee + supervision is obligatory and free of charge

50 min

De-identified case presentation should be typed or taped prior to your session

Interns needing Primary Supervision for Board Registration
(Individual or small group)

For voluntary work: supervision is free + obligatory
-For paid work: Supervision fees are negotiated

50 min (for 1 person)
or 75 min (for group)

Supervision criteria as per Registration Board requirements and assistant with arranging placements and courses

Supervision criteria as per Registration Board requirements and assistance with arranging placements and courses

1. Please indicate which grade of supervision is most relevant.

2. Please include a copy of your most recent CV.

3. Please telephone to arrange initial interview appointment if you wish to discuss your supervision needs. Telephone 1300 852 858.