Senior Clinical Psychologists at PsychelpSydney carry out detailed interviews and psychological tests at the request of individuals, doctors, employers, solicitors or courts. Each may involve very different assessment procedures designed to answer specific questions about the rehabilitation of disability, employability, permanent impairment, liability, or about capacity to work, parent or stand trial etc. Assessment reports evaluate cognitive as well as emotional functions, assessed at a given point in time (e.g., post-injury). Dynamic assessment, e.g., of learning potential is a specialised approach based on Feuerstein’s theory that brain plasticity means that intelligence can always be modified and developed.

Medicolegal Assessments

Medicolegal Assessments may be carried out at the request of a lawyer, barrister, judge or Victim’s Tribunal or Motor Accident Authority. Medicolegal reports may answer questions about Personal Injury Compensation, criminal proceedings, family or childrens court matters or malpractice by professionals

Specialised Neurocognitive Assessments

Assessment of Neuropsychological functioning and impairment loss due to head injury or illness – includes differential diagnosis of Organic Brain Impairment and Minimal Traumatic Brain Injury. Also Assessment Reports on specific learning disabilities, Attention Deficit or Hyperactivity Disorder including treatment recommendation and implementation if requested. Dynamic evaluation of potential to learn are often helpful with severe brain damage due to accident or to trauma, deprivation or neglect.

Criminal Assessment for Prosecution or Defense

All forensic assessments include a full clinical and diagnostic evaluation of mental functioning, Personality Disorder and psychosocial history, and can be carried out at a detention centre if required. Reports specify mental health indicators of diminished responsibility, ability to plead, stand trial or reoffend. Pre-sentencing reports include risk reduction and rehabilitation plans.

Family and Children's Court Assessments

For disputes of child protection, custody, fostering, access or alleged child abuse, we assess all parties over two visits or at their home using clinical interview and specialised psychological testing for all the adults, adolescents and children involved. The reports aim to provide in-depth understanding and recommendations to assist the courts decisions as sensitively and objectively as possible. Video and audio taping of children’s interviews can be provided in matters of child sexual assault.

Specialised dyadic developmental therapy can improve parenting capacity and the quality of the child/parent attachment and bond.

Educational Assessments

Educational Assessments requested by teachers or parents usually answer questions about what mental, emotional and/or social factors are causing learning or behavioural problems in children and what can be recommended to overcome them.

Dynamic Assessment of Learning Potential (DALP) can show that IQ can be increased even with severe disability

Professional Negligence & Sexual Misconduct Evaluation

PsychelpSydney has considerable experience in preparing independent evaluations of plaintiff and/or defense documents in matters of professional negligence and sexual misconduct as well as psychosexual assessment of offenders and peer reviews.

Personnel Selection Assessments

Personnel Selection Assessments requested by companies interviewing job applicants usually answer questions about applicants’ psychological and vocational suitability to the organisational culture and to specifications of the job.

Vocational and Career Assessments

Vocational and Career Assessments requested by individuals or insurers to assist job seeking or career decisions usually answer questions about transferable skills and specific aptitudes, abilities and vocational preferences as well as labour market and training information about the recommended vocational goals.

Workplace Stress Assessments

Workplace Stress Assessments are carried out as part of the development of a safe return to work plan specifying suitable duties and medical or psychological restrictions.

Compensable Injury Assessments

Whether for plaintiff, defendant or insurer liability, PsychelpSydney objective reports are sensitive to the issues and requirements of all parties. Personal injury and Third Party reports evaluate the psychological impact of the injury including pain, trauma, and stress assessments as well as vocational and neurocognitive impairment. Reports specify whole person impairment, DSM-5 diagnosis and prognosis. Diverse referral sources may include insurers, lawyers and court requests, Victims of Crime Tribunal, WorkCover, Health, Social Security, Legal Aid and other agencies and employers.

Initial Rehabilitation Assessments and Return-to-Work Plans

Initial Rehabilitaition Assessments and Return-to-Work plans may be requested on behalf of WorkCover by the employer, insurer or doctor requesting PsychelpSydney to provide treatment for case management for an injured worker. The report answers questions about the worker’s injury symptoms, restrictions and limitations and recommends treatment, rehabilitation and return to work plans.

Pre-Liability Stress Assessments for Work Injury

Pre-Liablility Stress Assessment for Work Injuries are independent investigations based on interviews and psychometrics involving the injured worker and other relevant parties. It is carried out on behalf of the insurer to answer questions about the probability that factors in the workplace, rather than in the worker’s history, have been substantial causes of the injury