Stressed? Mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted?
Need Treatment? Not just medication. Psychelp can change problems into opportunities.
Timing? Early is much better than late!

Normal Stress: No treatment required; Go to our free self-help web site if stress persists
Temporary distress, sadness or negativity that is reactive to circumstances will affect everyone from time to time resulting from pressure situations at work or problems in relationships. Short term stress can improve performance but prolonged stress is unhealthy.
Stress Disorders: that are more complex may require both medication and Psychological Therapy
Diagnosable Disorders usually need treatment. Anxiety Disorders (including panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders etc); Sexual Disorders (including sexual performance, sexual identity and paraphilia etc); Personality Disorders (including Addictive, Sociopathic and Borderline Disorders). These conditions are stress related, even though (as in child abuse) the stress may have occurred long ago. Psychotherapy as well as medication may both be required.
Critical Stress: Will probably need treatment for extreme stress
Extreme or sudden losses such as death, dismissal or failure may initially cause shock and people usually recover. When the experience involves severe ongoing threat, critical or traumatic stress may require treatment for symptoms such as panic, flashback or paranoid thought.
Mental Illness: May or may not be stress related and usually responds to medication.
Early diagnosis and treatment prevents debilitating mental illness that can disrupt life. Signs such as complete withdrawal, sleepless/agitation, extreme phobias, suicidal or grandiose behaviours, hearing/seeing things and irrational/paranoid belief systems. Medical advice should always be sought.
Psychosocial Stress: Can be outgrown without treatment,Psychelp speeds up delayed maturation
Psychological stress originates in the self, creating patterns of disturbed feelings, thoughts or behaviours leading to recurring problems at home or at work. Sometimes people naturally outgrow the lack of confidence, performance anxieties or low self-esteem, but Psychelp can assist personal growth.
Drug/Alcohol Abuse: Can be a cause and a consequence of stress and always needs treatment
Prolonged abuse of marijuana, alcohol or other drugs can produce pseudo mental illness (eg drug induced psychosis), which clears up when substance is stopped. Professional Drug/Alcohol Programs plus psychiatric diagnosis and treatment may be important.
Prolonged Stress: Creates barriers to recovery and growth
Prolonged psychological or situational stress can become overwhelming sometimes leading to burnout or breakdown. Early Psychelp counselling can restore health and vitality without medication in many cases.
Suicidal: Feelings, thoughts and behaviours always need treatment
Suicidality can be a symptom of any of the above conditions but should always be seen as an urgent problem in its own right needing professional help in every case. Medication is not always appropriate.