Stress and bullying in work injury is our specialization and supported self-help is our philosophy. WorkCover has accredited PsychelpSydney as psychological treatment providers. We specialiize in psychological and vocational assessment, rehabilitation, and return to work case management for complex injuries, complex personalities, or complex workplaces which other providers with less clinical training and experience may prefer to avoid.

As WorkCover Accredited Treatment Providers, PsychelpSydney achieves excellent outcomes in complex work injuries, where there are barriers in the employer, insurer or worker that need to be mediated and overcome. PsychelpSydney promotes personal responsibility for recovery, which saves time and costs in injury management for all parties. Self-help rehabilitation online on our website can be accessed free of charge for workers, employers and insurers.


Whether the work injury Is physical or psychological, there may be physical, emotional and psychosocial consequences that contribute to workplace stress, which needs to be managed appropriately to promote full recovery. Stress barriers to rehabilitation can slow down recovery and return to work. For example:


Since 1971 PsychelpSydney has carried out workplace stress services or stress management training at the workplace for major insurers (QBE, CGU, Allianz, NRMA and GIO), for major hospitals (Prince of Wales, Prince Alfred, St George, St Vincent’s), universities (Sydney University, UNSW University, Macquarie, Wollongong and Bathurst Campus) , banks (St George, Commonwealth and ANZ), airlines (Qantas and British Airways) as well as numerous smaller manufacturing and retail workplaces involved in the downsizing/outplacement and restructure stress injuries associated with change. For example:


Pain and Stress from physical back, shoulder or limb injury or overuse - such injuries in particular require Psychelp Parallel Management of the negative attitudes and emotions that may co-exist simultaneously in the injured worker, the employer and insurer, often creating chronic barriers to healthy adaptation and safe return to work. We promote very early and accurate diagnosis and treatment that may no longer be effective if chronic pain is allowed to develop. We are proactive in developing Psychelp interventions that improve both worker and employer adaptation to the injury.

Managers, supervisors, self-employed business people and professionals are susceptible to additional types of work injury that may be caused by their isolated position and extreme level of responsibility. This type of work injury in particular require Psychelp Parallel Management to re-balance home and work demands which can eventually lead to total stress burnout, insolvency, job dismissal or divorce. We promote the very proactive interventions usually needed to prevent or transform these dire consequences into positive outcomes longer term.



Traumatic Stress, Anxiety & Loss of Confidence can result from violent physical, verbal or sexual assault. Such injuries benefit from Psychelp Parallel Management because the worker’s avoidance behaviours and the employer’s denial resistance may create negative barriers that prevent safe re-entry to the pre-injury workplace. We promote very early mediation, debriefing or specific trauma therapy to decondition responses of distress and distrust. If Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is allowed to develop due to invalidation or neglect of the injury, their symptoms become much harder to treat.

Smart executives will have recognised the early warning signals such as persistent fatigue, inefficiency and depression but they usually respond with the only behaviour they know, which is greater effort and increased withdrawal and more work. Marital or sexual failures or business threat may be the presenting problem - Psychelp Parallel Process approach can develop the executive’s level of “self” awareness as well as their stress management skills. If their business or family life does collapse rehabilitation may involve ongoing psychotherapy or career change, or retirement counselling. Planning for such changes is an initial aspect of success.



Bullying and Harrassments involve workplace power conflicts that can result in extreme psychological injury or “nervous breakdown”. This type of injury in particular requires Psychelp parallel Management of the simultaneous vulnerabilities that coexist in the injured worker and the manager/supervisor involved. We promote very early and accurate diagnosis and mediation of the mutual anger, suspicion and fear that is usually caused by a history of communication problems in both parties. Left untreated this can chronically undermine the psychological health and well being not only of the abused individuals but of the entire workplace culture with dire consequences such as illness, whistle blowing and in extreme cases even workplace suicide.

Online Emergency Support involving telecounselling or online life coaching may be the only way to break through the busyness that surrounds executive stress where appointments for personal help are not given priority over other demands. Psychelp telephone or online counselling is backed up by initial and occasional visits wherever possible.



Brain Injury & Neurocognitive memory impairment resulting from concussion or open head injuries. Such injuries require Psychelp Parallel Management particularly where Minimal Brain Impairment causes subtle changes in concentration and memory and anxiety that interact with each other becoming difficult to diagnose or to treat; they may be mistaken by employer and family for malingering. We promote early and accurate neurocognitive assessments combined with supportive management in which suitable graded duties become very important in rehabilitating the person’s self confidence so that maximum cognitive efficiency can be restored.

Psychelp EAP or Employee Assistance is provided and paid for by employer’s who recognise that staff wellness and high morale also impact on productivity and prevents stress. Virtually any problem in a worker’s personal, family or work life can benefit from the 2 or 3 Psychelp counselling sessions most employers provide. There is total confidentiality whether the problem is personal e.g. marriage or substance abuse or workplace, e.g. harassment or bullying. No workplace interventions or reports are allowed with EAP counselling.


Even severely brain damaged individuals can recover their potential for learning and with mediated learning to retrain for new levels of cognitive, emotional and social functioning that can improve quality of the persons adaptation to life and work.

WORKPLACE STRESS SUPPORT FOR THE HUMAN SERVICE PROFESSIONALS AND THEIR CLIENTS is aimed at professionals, doctors, lawyers and teachers, working in high need environments with troubled or needy clients. The additional pressure and emotional workload makes all parties susceptible to stress and burnout. Specialised staff training for management of positive emotions and high morale and specialised executive coaching support can develop valuable tools that make good business sense by reducing the high cost of stress claims and of poor service delivery in the professional workplaces of doctors, lawyers, teachers and similar employers. In these environments Psychelp comprehensive service are highly relevant for troubled clients as well as the employees and the professionals