PsychelpSydney… How are we different?

The Wisdom of 40 years Clinical Experience, and Expert Training

• Our counselling clients benefit from the latest neuroscience evidence-based strategies integrating Congnitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Schema Therapy with systemic process-oriented methods.
• Our assessment clients benefit from our longstanding accreditation across all jurisdictions and agencies in the Mental Health, Forensic
or Injury Compensation areas
• Our life-spectrum, cross cultural, client population are individuals, couples, or families wanting to improve coping Strategies for interpersonal,
emotional, or behavioural problems
• Our client fees can be either Bulk-billed or rebated for 10 sessions by Medicare, which also rebates 10 small groups per year.
Private Insurance and VCT/DVA also apply.

PsychelpSydney… Who do We Help?

Complex and chronic disorders
when cross generational and/or iatrogenic factors have contributed to treatment resistance or past failures
Individual/small group
coping strategies and skills
Independent Forensic Court Reports Compensable Injury

• Depressive disorders
• Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
• Personality and identity Disorders 
• Anxiety Disorders
• ADHD and Conduct Disorders
• Sexual Disorders
• Attachment Disorders
• Eating disorders
• Developmental spectrum disorder
• OCD and Addiction Disorders
Perpetuated violence
Child sexual abuse

• Generalised anxiety
• Reactive Depression
• Specific Phobias
• Low self-esteem / confidence
• Stress management
• Communication 
• Conflict management
• Anger management
• Relationship and social skills
• Workplace bullying and stress

•Neurocognitive Impairment
• Learning Ability and Potential 
• Children Court Reports 
• Child Protection
• Family Court Reports
• Guardianship/capacity
• Migration Reports 
• Victim’s compensation 
• Personal injury/comp
• Pre-Trial/Sentencing 
• Offender Risk Assessment
• Professional misconduct 


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FIE, CBT, DBT, EMDR, SCHEMA, and DSM-5 Disorders

Specialist Clinical, Forensic, & Neurocognitive Treatment & Assessment 

• Expert Clinical and Forensic Assessment may be referred by a courts, lawyer , doctor or agency 
• Specialist Treatment Plans utilise CBT/DBT/EMDR/SCHEMA/FIE for complex DSM-5 Disorders
• Children's Court appointed Clinician in psychological assessment of parenting capacity in child protection and care matters
• Family court assessments in matters of custody/residence, domestic violence/conflict/abuse
• Learning Potential Assessment Device (LPAD) profiles educational or disability support needs 
• Neurocognitive Impairment Evaluation of Acquired Brain Injury or Psychiatric Functional Loss
• Medico-legal assessments of liability or disability for personal Injury and compensation claims
• WorkCover accredited Providers of assessment & management of workplace bullying and stress
• Criminal Court reports in preparation of pre-trial or pre-sentencing psychological profiles & risks
• Juvenile Justice, Legal Aid, FACS assessing complex matters of sexual and domestic violence
• Peer reviewer for Professional Psychologists' Misconduct for Health Care Complaints (HCCC)